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Giving Away to Give Back! Sickle Cell Fundraiser #BalloonChallenge

Updated: Nov 8, 2022


June 19th marked World Sickle Cell Day!

During June 12-19th 2020 we had been “giving away to give back” and OMG we did just that!!

Sickle Cell Warrior Gildé Nsianguana @sicklecell_sundays kindly shared her experience & and why it’s so important to continue to build awareness around this disorder.

Gildé also shared what we can do to keep supporting the cause:

1. Donate Blood Regularly ✅ This can aid with treatments. If you are of black heritage there is a demand for some rare blood types that are common in your heritage.

2. Book a blood test to find out if you have the sickle cell trait. 📝- Sickle cell is inherited from both parents.

3. Educate yourself 📚 Follow#SickleCell platforms, reach out to someone with sickle cell, speak to family & friends.

4. Leverage your social media 🗣repost/retweet an informative post.

Sickle Cell Survivor Alex Awofisan @officialdjrenz also shared his amazing story about surviving and recovering from the Sickle Cell disorder - we couldn't be happier!



I won’t was difficult to rally up engagement around this cause and the charity, mostly because many were not aware of sickle cell as a health concern. I myself have learnt lots in this process and want to continue learn because it’s so important!


As of 12am on the morning of June 19th we absolutely smashed the fundraising target of £250 with an amazing £700!! BUT as I type, we have continued to raise another £145 making our grand total £945.00 - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! ♥️

You’re contributions will bless so many and help increase wider support. I am so thrilled and thankful to all those that have donated but have also used this opportunity to build awareness and knowledge around the sickle cell disorder - it’s been great, so thank you once again from the "EvRy" team & The Sickle Cell Society who we are supporting by doing this sponsored challenge!

Thank you to all the balloon stylists that gave me some tips, it has been amazing having so many new people reaching out! 😅

I’ve never taken on something like this so I was very nervous but up for the challenge! At one point it felt like everything was going wrong; the balloons didn’t come in the shades of red as I planned, the weather was against me and after what seemed like the 100th balloon to pop I almost lost it! But I can honestly say it was so worthwhile!!

150 balloons to represent 1/100th of those diagnosed with Sickle Cell in the UK

I hope my balloon display can be used a symbol of awareness 🎈 🎈 🎈

June has been a special month!

Thank you to all who has helped educate and encourage so many!

To all those that donated and continue to donate thank you for your support to help make a difference!

I hope that The Sickle Cell Society continue to do great work!

To all the Sickle Cell Warriors, you are strong and we support you! 💪

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